The Night Life Of Leon Blackwood (A short interactive survival horror)

Kallum Rogers

My name is Leon, I'm 31 and I have just settled into my new home with my fiance and our dog Jake, he is a border collie with black and white fur, he is mostly white but has black paws, face and patches on his back. We have had him for just over a year now, he has always been an exitable dog, even at night unfortunately. My fiance is called Maria, she has long, dark brunette hair and is tall and thin, she has the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen on a person, she works full time as a nurse and I am a self employed mechanic; me and Maria have been together for three years as of last week, that was when I proposed to her.
The date was December 10th 2013 That day was a chilly, misty day, It seemed to drag on, but I didn't really mind, most people had already retired to their beds for the night. But I was that one stupid person who decided to stay awake and wait for my fiance to finish her late shift. The one question was, what to do?
Just go to bed.
Go for a walk.