Ryan Vancise

J, D, Z intro
J rustled through their suitcase, “Okay – socks, shirts, bathing su –“
“We already checked, we have it all.”
“I just wanted to make sure D.”
“We already checked though...”
“Why do you always have to contradict me?”
“I don’t know, things have just been different with you always being gone for work.”
“You know I have no choice.”
“Yeah... I know.”
“Lets’ just enjoy the night, me and you.”
The phone rang across the room. D pretended to pack so J would have to pick it up.
“Hey J, can I talk to D?”
“Yeah... sure, one second Z”
J handed the phone over to D.
“I’ll take this in the other room.”
“It’s about work, I don’t want to bother you.”
“... Alright.”
Follow J's thoughts during the call
Follow D and Z's call