Untitled Story


Once upon a time...there was a kid named John .John was different from most kids , when they would plast as his 6 year old feet could take him ay in the snow he would stay inside and read a book, but a book on reindeer ,and would other kids went inside for coco , he would go outside and play alone .
He did this so much his parents begin to worry. well one day he was out side alone as usual and he herd a beep and saw a red flash in the woods . The first thing that can to mind was Rudolf .He ran as fast as his 6 year old feet could take him .Then he stopped in amazement , ther in the woods of his back yard was a red nosed reundeer .He knew right then and there he hada to keep him hidden because if anybody else found out they would kill him .He slowly reached his hand out towards the reindeer , " hi i am rudolf i am santas lead reindeer " John could not beleave his eyes he had just seen a talking reindeer. 'You talk ?' john muttered 'Well, to some people i do ." 'what does that mean , to some people" asked john asked curiously "Well, the people that truly be leave in the magic of Christmas can here us talk , now can you help me get back to the north pole to santa?' said Rudolf "YES" john replied
That very afternoon they looked at every santa in every store tilll there was no light left to see .Then out of the unexpected came a jolly santa with 8 tiny reindeer. " well, well young man , it looks like you found my famous reindeer of all ,i would like to say thank you so and for the wonderful job you did i would like to give you this , a snowglobe you ask , no not just a snowglobe but a way you cansee every thang goingon at the north and where i might be on christmas night ." 'Thank you sir' said john " no , thank you " said Santa Then with a jerk they were gone again and john was home in bed once more . That night was Christmas and  john   could not sleeep so he waited for Santa who was soon there. As soon as he arrived John ran and hugged him   and said good night  , then with a touch of the side of the nose Santa was gone . FRom there to today John has played when the kids were out and drank coco when they did and sometimes talked to Santa , and then lived happy ever after .