Henry's Hardships


You are a 15 year old teenager named Henry in year 1853. (Your real name is Hakeeim but your master calls you Henry) You are working under a plantation in the state of Mississippi. You lost your parents at a slave auction at a young age and you now working under Master Arthur as a cotton picker.
“What do you think you're doing Henry? Get back to work and stop lounging around!” Arthur furiously shouted out to me as he flung the whip hard to the ground as a threat.“I…I’m..so sorry, it won’t happen again Master Arthur.”You immediately went back to harvesting the cotton along in the plantation field as you could feel your master giving me a cold hard stare behind me for a couple of moments.“It better be,” than Master Arthur stomped away from my area on the plantation field to monitor the other slaves to make sure they’re are working. You sighed a relief that I didn’t get whip today since it seemed like a close call, especially when you just sat down on the ground for a few moments to catch my breathe and apparently my master was conveniently strolling by at that moment. But you had been working these plantations fields ever since I was young and now still at age 15. You slaves, work non stop on harvesting the cotton for over 10 hours a day whether it’s pouring rain or the sun is boiling on our backs and it really just hurts us. But eventually when we do get off from work, You head over to my home, where it was basically a more like an animal pent house and ate some small scraps of food. You laid on top of my wooden bed as you was lost in my thoughts. You don’t know how much longer You can endure working on the plantation fields, because you're fearful that one of these days that Master Arthur will brutally punish you too hard that you’ll end up dead.
“Hey man, you work here at the plantation too?”said Hakeeim to a nearby slave that appear to look like the same age as him.“Yea and I’m tired of it but I think I have a plan. I know we both do not want to be here right now. I want to run away and try to escape, I also heard rumors that there’s a secret underground railroad that lead slaves to their freedom. You can come with me if you want, but you can’t tell anybody else about this. It has to stay between me and you. If you don’t want to come, you can stay here and keeping working in the plantation,”responded Jamal
Run with Jamal off the plantation
You choose to stay on the plantation