The Robery

Lyanne and Jeffery

On July 5th, 2012 I was walking from my house to my job. The main road was blocked, so I took the back-alley. I was walking in the alley when I saw a homeless man sitting in a cardboard box. I walked by, and he got up and threatened me with a knife.
The homeless guy yelled, “Give me all your money!” He was holding the knife to my face now.
I punched him in the face and sprinted as fast as I could. I looked behind my shoulder and saw him chasing me. I tripped on a pot-hole. He was catching up to me.
The homeless guy grabbed me and yelled again, “Give me all your money!” He was breathing hard and sweat was gushing down his face. He smelled like a peeled banana, too ripe for anyone to eat.
I said, “I don’t have any money.” He didn’t believe me.
“Yeah right, NOW GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY!” the homeless guy yelled even louder, and was getting in my face more. His breath was so bad that I started dry heaving.
I tried to escape, but it was no use. He looked small and fragile, but he was stronger than he looked.
“Let go of me!” I said squirming some more.
“Not until you give me your money,” he said spittingly and very air so I could smell his breath even more. I coughed because his breath was so bad.
I started to scream, “HELP”, but his hand went up to my mouth very fast.
“Shut up,” the homeless guy whispered. I bit his hand, and his hand flew off my mouth quicker than it came on to my mouth. When I bit his hand he yelled, very loud, “OW!”
I took that opportunity to sprint. While I was sprinting, my wallet fell out of my pocket.
I heard the homeless guy say, “Yes!”
When I got farther away, I got out my phone and called the police.
Police said nicely, “Hi, what’s your emergency.”
I said, “I got my wallet stolen by a homeless guy.”
Police asked, “Okay. Where were you when this happened?”
“In the alleyway to work.”
“Where do you work?”
“I’m a teacher at Lafayette Academy.”
“Okay. Describe this person to me.”
“He had grey hair, a long nose that is broken, eyes that are an almond shape and are a brownish greenish, and his face is an oval shape.”
“Okay then. The police are already looking for him.”
“Thank you.”
I hung up and checked what time it was. It was 11:37 p.m. I just decided to go home and sleep I laid in bed and watched the news I saw a news topic about the robbery that happened to me.
The new reporter stated seriously, “Today there was a robbery in an alley next to the Northwood Road he attacked him with a knife as civilians say the homeless man was dead-sprinting towards him.”
I layed in the bed shocked at what they're saying and it makes me think.
I say to myself saying, “Wait! That means that he has attacked other people!”
I jumped out of my bedsheets and sprinted to the phone in the living room. I picked up the phone to give the police info only to find out it was dead. I went back up into my room to lie down. I was almost asleep I hear a creak in the floor downstairs. I cautiously walked down the steps and I looked over the stair railing and saw the same guy as before that robbed me...IN MY HOUSE!
I came out from behind him only to realize he heard me, I backed up very slowly but it was no use. He turned around and we both stood there for a good 20 seconds as he peered at me with his cold, red eyes I could just feel the chills run down my spine. My legs were getting wobbly as he still gazes at me with his cold blooded eyes. He slowly starts walking towards me as it feels like there is a dark presence approaching me. He grabs me by my neck very softly as I am gasping for air.
The homeless man said getting louder think each word, “I thought we could have been friends you know really good friends, but NO THAT COULDN’T HAPPEN YOU HAD TO TELL THE COPS ABOUT ME AND MY “PLAN”.
He says it in a very loud and creepy voice something like “The Joker” but way worse. I yelled at the homeless person saying “I KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DO TO PEOPLE!”
The homeless man replied, ”You are the only one that knows, but in the next 5 seconds no one will know.”
I ran as fast as I could into the kitchen. I was on one side of the counter and I was on the other side. He ran after me knocking off everything that was on the counter. I finally got into the living room and I grabbed a lamp off the desk and slammed it against his head. He dropped like a sack of potatoes.
I ran upstairs as fast as I could before he regained consciousness. I grabbed the phone off my dresser and dialed 9-1-1 as fast as I could. The phone was ringing and ringing and ringing the officer finally picked up.
He said, “Hello what is your emergency?”
”There is a man in my house!”
“Is he abusing the law in any way, shape, or form?”
I rudely replied “What do you think?”
He asked quizzically, “Where do you live?”
“I live on 415 7th Northwest Drive Ave,SE.”
“Ok and one more thing is he awake?”
I replied, “No he was chasing me with a knife and I got a lamp and smashed him upside the head with it, so right now he is unconscious.”
“Ok. We have a police unit and Emergency Care unit on there way.”
I replied, “ok.”
I hung up the IPhone.
I walked downstairs and to check on the homeless man…..only to find out he wasn’t there anymore.
He came out from behind me and hit me right in the head with a frying pan. The next thing I see when I wake up are bright lights in a baby blue type of room I wake up to 2 police officers.
Then one of them stated, “We have identified your thief, and he is now at trial for the crime of theft/burglary.”
The other cop informs, “He is at the court this very second of right now, and we know his whole info and database.”
The other cop gives me the information saying, “We have identified him as Walter McKinley. He is 6’8 and 180 pounds.”
The cop speaks again, “We have checked the police database, and we have looked at his criminal records. The results show that he had a huge criminal past. He had 2 armed assaults, 3 robberies, 4 charges on account of possession of narcotics, and 2 auto thefts.”
I stand there in silence as I hear the terrible news.
The cop reached his hand out to me as if he was giving me something. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the bed saying nicely, “Lets go man we have to attend his court trial.”
I stand there traumatized it sounds like he is mumbling and it his speaking is distorted. The cop puts my arm across the back of his neck to help me up off the hospital bed. I feel my feet get cold as soon as they hit the floor. The officer hands me some of my clothes and says “get this on quick.” As I walk through the hospital corridors with the officers I look at all the patients and try and figure out what’s wrong with them. I walk outside and its sunny and nice day outside I walk up to the car and open the door and I jumped in the police car.
On the way to the court trial, I was looking outside the right tinted windows. I looked to my left, and I saw the alleyway where I got battered at. Memories started flashing by in my head of what had happened to me. I remember it as if it had happened 5 minutes ago. I could still remember how his breath smelt, and how he jumped up asking me for the money. We finally arrived at the courthouse. I opened the door to the courtroom, and I could see him sitting with handcuffs on. He was sitting between two cops. I walked through the aisle of the pews. I was looking down to make sure that he wouldn’t recognize me. Just my luck, he saw me.
He was screaming, at me, like a monkey when you take it’s banana. He tried to run towards me, but the police stopped him right in front of me.
He whispered so that I could only hear him, “This won’t be over.” Then the police took him back to his spot. I was freaked out, but then I remembered that he might go to jail. I relax a little, but not a lot. I still had a funny feeling that if went to jail, he would find me.
Towards the end of court, the judge decided that he was going to jail. I was happy, but still frightened. I was hoping that he would never escape.
The Policeman saw that I was tense and uneasy.
He asked, “Are you okay?”
I said, “Not really.”
He asked me again, “What’s wrong then?”
“I’m afraid that he is going to escape and find me.”
“Don’t worry. He isn’t going to escape.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes I’m sure he isn’t going to escape, and he isn’t going to get you."
“He has a lifetime of prison. Didn’t you listen?”
“I was busy having a party in my head, knowing that he was going to jail.”
I started to walk to my house. Then the policeman told me, “I think it would be safer if you stay somewhere beside your house.”
I thought for awhile, but then I figured I would go somewhere that isn’t my house. Just in case he is in a gang, and they would try and find me and kill me.
I asked him, “Do you know where I could stay?”
“How about,” he said pausing a moment, “how about in a hotel or a relative that lives close by.”
“Okay,” I said then thinking, “but what if I can’t go to a relatives or a hotel?”
“Then I don’t know where you could go,” the policeman said. After he said that, he walked away.
I started to walk home, then I heard a second pair of feet behind me. I started to walk faster, but I still heard the feet behind me. I turned a corner and run into the nearest store.
When I got home, I started to pack. It took 10 minutes to pack. After I was done packing, I got in my blue chevy truck, and drove to the nearest hotel.
When I walked in the doors, it was very clean. I went to the front desk and got a room. I walked towards the elevator and clicked on the floor my room was on. When the elevator doors open, I found my room, and unlocked the door. When I looked in, it was a mess. I started to clean the room. It took me 4 hours to clean. When I was done, I went to bed. When I woke up, I was starving. I got out of bed, and then took a shower. After the shower I got changed, and went to my car. I started the car and went to IHop. I ordered pancakes with hashbrowns. My breakfast was so good. After I was done eating, I paid for my food, and went back to the hotel. When I got to the hotel room, my phone buzzed. I looked who it was, and saw it was the police. I answered quick before the buzzing would stop.
The police said, “Walter McKinley has escaped.”
I yelled worriedly, “WHAT!”
The police said, “Lower your voice. Now someone is going to come and get you, just in case he finds you.”
I started to get light headed. I could barely speak. When I finally could speak, I could only whisper, “Okay.”
5 minutes went by, and they finally were there. I went to the car and went in. We drove to the police station. I had to move to a new place, to make sure he wouldn’t find me.