By Beckett  Eric

For your college graduation your parents bought plane tickets for you and your best friend. They said that you can pick where ever you want to go. After a long time of brainstorming, you decide to go to Las Vegas for some gambling fun. You arrive and get to your hotel room settle in and go to sleep. The next day you and your friend get down to the casino excited to win some money. After playing Slots and Black Jack you decide you favorite game is Two card draw. Its down to you and the dealer, the stakes are high. You pick up your cards and after everything is dealt out you realize you have a straight, trying to contain your excitement you go all in. Out of the corner of your eye you see the dealer take something from his pocket, Its a card!
Do you call out the dealer and risk not winning the money?
Or do you keep quiet thinking that the dealer doesn't know you have a straight?