The Dead Walking

Alex Hayes

You awake from your bed and stretch your arms and look at Michelle. She is still sleeping and you quietly climb out of bed. You have been dating for a few months now and she seems like a nice, caring person. She cares for you and she loves your dog Boomer he is a three year old Golden Retriever. He is a very playful dog and he sleeps at the foot of your bed. He looks at you and climbs off the bed. This usually means that it is time for him to go for a walk. So you get dressed and find his collar and clip it on around his neck. Then the leash clicks as it latches to the collar. "Alright boy, you ready for a walk." And he wags his tail and he pulls you to the door. You open it and he runs out pulling you along. He walks on the sidewalk by your side. The usual morning normal cars passing by as you head closer to the city. As you reach the entrance to the city you turn back and head home. Nothing out of the usual the same routine. You return home and see that the front door is wide open. Boomer starts to growl and barks and looks at the door. 
Go through front door
Go through back door