Camp Woodchuck!

Leslie Anne Peterson

Camp Woodchuck is a five-star recreation site where children and youth can grow, learn and gain new respect for the wild.
At least, that’s what the brochure said.
Sunlight bursts through your cabin window and you squint your eyes. Every camper was given an hour of free time before dinner, and you decided the best way to spend yours was with an afternoon nap.
You yawn and stretch, taking in a lungful of stale, dusty air. Rising from your bed you notice that, for now, you are the cabin’s sole occupant.
You also make a mental note to watch your head when you sit up from now on. That’s what you get for choosing the top bunk.
Who needs ladders when the grown-ups aren’t watching? You make it to the bottom with a flying leap from your perch and as you start heading out the door, you notice a pad of paper on a desk to your right.
You suppose you have some time. Might as well write a letter to your folks, right?
Write a happy letter
Write a sad letter