The Cat Dilemma


Gilly was not an animal-lover. She didn't hate them either, but she'd had her fair share of animal-related frustrations. Mostly these seemed to revolve around poo.
Once, she had a friend living with her for a few months while she was looking for a house. This friend came complete with two giant dogs - a golden retriever and a german shepherd. Beautiful dogs, really. But unfortunately, one of them had a slight issue with toileting inside. Needless to say, Gilly did not like coming into her kitchen each morning to find a steaming pile of dog poo on the carpet. To say that conversation had dried up between the friends after many months of such incidences was an understatement.
So now we come to the crux of the matter, the cat poo. Gilly did not have a cat. She didn't mind them, but she didn't like them enough to want to clean out a litter tray all the time. But there were lots of cats living on the street and somehow or other it had come to pass that they had started using her garden as a toilet.
As Gilly looked out at her newly-mown lawn, reading the newspaper, she spotted a big ginger cat (a repeat offender) settling himself in for "a session". What should she do?
Run outside in her pyjamas wielding the newspaper and chase it away
Resign herself to the reality of her garden being the neighbourhood cat toilet