A Witch Trial in France

Sam and Heather

It is the year of our Lord, 1620. Louis XIII, son of Marie de' Medici and member of the House of Bourbon, sits on the throne of France. The country is at an uneasy peace after vicious conflicts between Catholics and Protestants some years before.
Jean Bodin published the first edition of his <i>De la démonomanie des sorciers </i>only 40 years prior and his influential ideas have swept across the land, inciting widespread fear of a demonic sect of witches, bent on undermining Christendom. France's judicial authorities have just begun to express some skepticism about certain elements of witchcraft accusations, however the common folk still live in fear of the power of the Devil and his witches.
The witch craze has blazed across the country for the past several years and witchcraft fears are at a peak. Your chances of survival depend on where in France you live and the decisions you make. Choose your region:
Lyons, Southern France 
Amiens, Northern France