Teddy Chan

12 years ago,i was found by a tall dark figure. I was found in a dark dead end.Bleeding hopelessly,lying on the cold hard ground i could only see a big figure picking me up,right at that moment i knew it was my life saver.Waking up in a white soft bed,feeling the warmth of my owners,i cuddle closer to him.Feeling a big warm hand over me i..i felt loved again.
Staring at my owner i noticed he was awoken by me,slamming my face into his pillow i feel embarrassed,feeling his huge hands petting me, slowly i spring up my head fast. Hearing him chuckle he smiles gleefully, purring, i suddenly get closer to him. Realizing i bit his hand. Backing away i run away as quick as i can,running out of the door i look at the right and then the left side, running to the right side i run towards the long hallway looking everywhere to hide,then there i see a closet. Opening it i leave a little crack to see if he's ever going to find me. Hearing his loud footsteps i could tell that he's big and is trying to find me. I suddenly smell something so good. I couldn't rezist but follow the sent. Following it i hear him say "Cat nip is ready for you." I did not know what it was but i didn't care so i followed it in the end.
Jumping out in the living room he throws the smelly good thing that he re-calls cat nip. Gripping me in his hands he says "naughty kitty." Dammit why did i have to be so blind to not even know what he was going to do?! Trying to get away,i slip out of his reach but suddenly he grabs my tail. Falling to the floor he lets go of my tail "ouch!" seeing his face in a little smirk. He puts one knee on the ground next to me and says "I'm sorry,i didn't mean to pull your tail."closing my eye's i can feel his hand petting underneath my chin and feel his hand petting my head.
Hearing the sound of something i wake up and follow the sound,when i reach the sound i see him naked in the steamy room. It looks like water was pouring on his head and down to his body. Running away,i run past a dark room,stepping back to the dark room i see a crack of pure backness. Pushing the door just a little i go in, stepping foward i look up like something caught my eye. Staring up i could't move when it reach it's hand out to grab me, feeling someone lifting me up i am able to move my body.Turning my head i stare at the guy that found me.Thankful for what he did, i can't take my eye's off of him for some reason. Punching it,it douges it,looking at it,i could see something dropping on the ground. As i wiggled out of his hands,sniffing the water looking thing in a container,opening it with my teeth it pops open and the smell smelled so good like the cat nip he so called it.licking it through the container it tatse so good,when i was done drinking it i felt weird.Falling to the ground with a loud thump.The guy that picked me up looks over his shoulder and see's me on the floor,while the other guy he was fighting looked shocked at me, then, seeing him escaped to the window. Hearing myself groaning in pain he comes closer to me. Groaning like a different kind of voice,the pain stops,huffing softly i look around,getting up, my body feels heavy and weak falling he catches me in his hands.Feeling his warmth i know i am safe,closing my eye's i fall asleep.
Yawning, i get up but when i jump on the ground it hurts like hell! "ouch!" putting my hand on the ground i see my paws are gone, screaming in fright there's a mirro. Staring at myself i am a human.Looking at myself i am wearing a white long shirt up to my knees,light tan skin,pure light pink lips,black wavy hair up to my neck,eye's like a black shadow.Staring at myself in speechless,he get up and out of bed. "Surprised aren't you." Turning around quick he lifts up my chin getting closer i step back.Smacking his hand off my chin,running out of the room he calls my "Shion." Stopping at the doorway,i turn my head alittle. "You don't own me." as i walked out.
Hearing him running towards me he pushes me on the ground."I found you,so of course i own u,i already putted on your collar." touching my neck i can feel the collar around my neck.Seeing him smirk i get angry at him and push him down on the ground,yelling "Why?! i own to another person?! why did you have to find me?!"
"Don't blame me? you should thank me for saving your sorry ass! i found you bleeding,your owner almost beated you to death ,he made you bleed!.. why can't you remember?" As i stare at him in shock i feel tears drop down my face,as a flash back happens i see a guy throwing me at a dead end,he started to choke me,he kicked me once and when he was done he bented down and petted me,hearing him apologize i see myself dripping a tear while i was closing my eye's. Blinking a couple of times i come back to reality and notice that i'm staring up at the ceiling,feeling tears fall more than one,i could feel his hand touching my face, looking down i could see his smiling face, slowly my tears starts to stop,as i burried my face on his shoulder i have hicups, closing my eye's i feel thankful that he found me and cared for me. But for some reason the most part i was thankful for was that i was accidently turned into a human cat.
Can you guys tell me if i should make more?