A Water Molecules Crazy Ride

Kendall Bouma 8B

Once upon a time... You were a <b>water  molecule, </b>water droplet in small form, named _______. You have been in the bottom of the <b>Atlantic Ocean,</b> an ocean off the coast of Florida your whole life! You are trapped under thousands of other molecules. The highlight of your life is meeting Charlie the crab who was about a couple feet away. You have a pretty boring life otherwise. You have been dreaming of the world above but you have never had the chance to see it for yourself. One day you feel a current coming upon you and your friends. You get so excited because you might finally be able to go explore! You start to get some room to move around. You squeeze your way around  and start to pass everyone else. You realize they are all moving because a GIGANTIC <b>Selachimorpha</b> (also known as a shark) is coming your way!  You try to get  away as fast as possible!
You hide in nearby coral reefs.
Catch a ride with a fish that's coming your way.