Wizard Assassin

Anikka G

Fred and George have decided to host an event this year called Wizard Assassin. The rules are simple: You wear a button, designed by the Weasley twins, that signifies to others that you are in the game. If Expelliarmus or Stupefy is used successfully on you, the button turns red, meaning you have been “killed” by an assassin and are out of the game. Your goal is to be the last person standing without a red button. The entry fee was one galleon per person, and the winner takes half the galleons collected.
You can’t be “killed” while in class, in a common room, or in the Great Hall. The number of people left will flash on the button every time someone is “killed”. It’s against the rules to Accio the button of someone else to turn it red, and doing so will turn your own button red.
And one more thing: the professors can’t know Wizard Assassin is taking place. While they are aware of what it is due to a rumor, they don’t know when or where it’s taking place. Furthermore, dueling outside of Defense Against the Dark Arts is forbidden.  Alerting a professor to the game will end the game and cost you loads of house points.
Wizard Assassin sounds like the best game ever, so of course you signed up immediately. The game starts right after this class period, and you are SO ready. The bell rings, and you leave Transfiguration, hiding your wand in your sleeve. As soon as you step outside the classroom, you see someone across from you point their wand at you and start to say a spell. What do you do?
Run away!
Use a human shield!