I Have No Clue

Carter Hanson

You sloth through the woods, one foot placed tenaciously ahead of your other. You are sneaking your way through the Arkenik Woods trying to make your way to the capital of the Kingdom of Halfeld: Denyar. It is winter, though not the one it used to be.
This year poor harvest brought new meaning to "hunger" as starvation and pestilence murdered it's way through the Arkenik Woods. The humble farms and quaint hamlets had been scorched with the dead forced out of the mortal realm through plague and death. However, the calamity that had struck Arkenik as of late could not be attributed to the harvest alone. Many strangers had be spotted darting through the woods in odd garments hefting great weapons that carved their way through the plebs of Halfeld.
These "Shadows", as they were christened, had begun a campaign of destruction through Arkenik, murdering their way through villages and farms, vineyards and taverns, timber mills and fruit orchards. No one knew where the Shadows came from, nor what their goals were.
Crawl on through the woods, following whatever path suits you. 
Creep on across a path well-worn be the frequent trade that flows from Halfeld to the lands of Larendel and Gronkork.
Stay and breathe the air, recounting what you can of the surrounding area.