A Step Too Far

Bella De La Rocher [notes to self in author's brackets]

Chauncy, 33, good jaw line, steps onto and off of a step at his step aerobics class. His legs, taut, muscular and bronzed, feel like they weigh as much as the quandaries on his mind [excellent physical description]. For Chauncy Nathaniel Swanston has a troubled past, one where terrible things have happened, like murder. 
“Hup-two-three” chants the step aerobics instructor, Marianne, whom he both despises and loves [good, shows he is capable of complex emotions].  And then she says “and relax” because it is the end of the workout.    
Chauncy, panting and sweating, moves ruggedly to the side of the gym.  He runs his hands over the smooth material of his cycling shorts, massaging his lycra encased thighs, wishing his parents hadn’t been murdered two years ago. 
When Chauncy looks up from his legs he sees the rest of the class have gone, and there is just him and Marianne left in the musky gym.
When Chauncy looks at Marianne he despises her
When Chauncy looks at Marianne he loves her