Dembe's Decisions

Yash Pathak

Dembe, a young Ugandan boy, finds himself in the Nakasero market, away from his home in the slum "Kinawataka". He had spent the day doing odd jobs for a few shillings. After shining some shoes, Dembe has earned 1000 Ugandan shillings, a meager sum of about $0.33 but it is just enough to buy a snack. With his new found wealth he scours the market for something affordable and finds two options, a shrimp vendor, and a woman selling handmade toys. Dembe knows his younger brother's birthday is coming up, and he could buy him a toy from the woman, but Dembe's favorite food happens to be shrimp. The money could also be saved and used at home, Dembe realizes, but what could this small amount of money do?
Buy the shrimp from the Vendor
Buy a present for your brother
Save your money and eat at home