New neighbor


"First day of University"
"Phone alarm rings..." Ughhhhh why is it already 7am, and why is it already Monday,and why is it already September 4th... like why God why????.... " Roya talks to her cat 'Pesho' as she continues getting ready for her first day of University, she does take a quite of time just to get ready since she loves to look her best even if she has to go to a doctor appointment or even if she happens to go to emergency she would still dress up and have some makeup on although her beautiful flawless skin does not need any of those products to make her look beautiful. Her dark bright brown eyes, her long lashes, her light dimples, and full eyebrows are already enough for her beauty and all she needs her charming smile to complete the full makeup package from Sephora. However, like every other girl, Sephora is her favourite place on earth and shes just another Alice in Wonderland when she enters this famous makeup store. She spent her childhood watching and admiring any show that had to do with fashion and clothing and in her teenage years "Gossip Girl" was only her favourite show which she would not miss a single episode and sometimes she would watch the episodes twice while her father would encourage her to watch more documentaries and shows related to Afghanistan just so she can learn more about her country and people. Since that's what he enjoyed the most watching Afghan channels which were a combination of news, shows based on diplomatic and political debates, and of course, Indian dramas dubbed in Dari or Pashto the second formal language in Afghanistan. Roya which her mother named her after going through many difficulties of getting pregnant and having a few miscarriages back home in Afghanistan, she was finally able to give birth to a beautiful girl. Since Fatema's only dream was to have a child and when God finally gifted her a beautiful girl she decided to name her Roya which means 'Dream' in English, and Roya was Fatema's only dream and that was to have her own small family with her beloved husband Akbar. Fatema was married to her cousin Akbar who was a professor back home in Afghanistan in the city of Kabul where Roya was born.
Roya wraps her hijab 'headscarf' nicely as she continues talking to her cat while looking at herself in the mirror and making sure she places her hijab pin properly and her hijab is perfectly wrapped just like those Instagram famous, stylish hijabi bloggers which she admires a lot and where she gets ideas of how to wear her hijab to make her look more stylish. "Here we go all over again, seems like school never ends for me, first I had to do 4 years of completing my degree in Social Work, and that wasn't enough for my parents and now my Masters, although my dad always wanted me to become a doctor since it was his only dream for his only child. If only he knew how much I hated looking at the blood and as if I really loved enjoying my spending my time at the hospitals and looking at the blood and patients. But parents will always be parents since I couldn't make his only dream come true, therefore I'm going to do my Masters just to make him a little happy and proud. Since being a girl and the only child is not as easy when it comes to Afghan parents especially when they have their own plans for my future." Sometimes Roya wonders if 'Pesho' Roya's cat is even interested listening to her complains about life or he just enjoys seeing Roya suffer, but again that's just Roya's assumption about her cat since she enjoys being dramatic.