Party Safety 

The Chicken Of Wisdom

<b>"Hey, you want some?" </b>
Coming to this party had been a mistake. You are surrounded by scantily clad women, drunken men and the whole thing seems to be powered by one thing - not the ear drum bursting bass, but ecstasy, and <i>everyone </i>seems to be on it.
The shady looking man who offered you the tablets looks around suspiciously and thrusts a hand into yours and violently shakes. "It's the best E around, and only $20 a pop. Come on dude, you're not going to find this quality anywhere else. What do you say?"
"That's disgusting. No thank you." 
"I'm not sure. I heard E causes seizures..."
"Sure, up for anything I am!"
"My mom just called. Sorry..I gotta go. Something’s going on at home." 
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