The Room of Secrets

Brennan Berryhill

The first thing that you noticed was that it was cold. It was also very, very dark. You try to move your groggy head to look around. All is black. You grope for something to shed light. You feel a piece of paper. You bring that paper to your face to read. All is black. You cannot read it in this darkness. There is also a key by the piece of paper. All is black. You cannot inspect the shape or design of the key with your eyes. You need to see. You feel the pull of the light. To the right of the key you run your hands across something dome shaped. A dome outer cage. You feel inside it. There seems to be some sort of bulb, a source of light. You can almost feel the electricity pulsing through it even though it is not on. You keep feeling around the cage, hoping to find some sort of switch. You do feel something small and circular, similar to something that would turn on a lamp. A lamp! You must be feeling around a lamp. You turn the knob, the small circular knob. Clicking sounds ensue. All of the sudden, you are almost knocked back by the power of the light. You can see! You readjust your eyes. You are in a room, a square room with black walls and there appears to be more doors that lead out of this one. You shiver out of the cold state of the room and fright. You look down at yourself, you appear to be wearing a simple t-shirt and shorts. Looking at yourself brings up an alarming question, who are you? Why are you here? You finally read the note you are holding. It says, "time is running out." Not much help there. You inspect the key you were also clinging on to. It had an ornate design, was teal in color, and would seem to fit in a small keyhole. You realize that you've been lying on the floor this entire time. You slowly get up, your muscles aching from the effort. You take a look around, the small lamp didn't illuminate much. There has to be some sort of light switch to turn on the room lights. You investigate into that. You bang into a few things and notice a few odd pieces of furniture, eventually reaching a switch. You flick it up. Light pours into the darkness, overcoming it. You close your eyes to protect them from the oncoming wave of brilliance and shine. You can finally see the whole room now. It seems to be a normal living room, with some odd things out. You review what you know, you have a note that says time it running out; you have a strange key, and you don't know anything about yourself or why you're here. Looking around however, it seems that you need to solve a puzzle of some sorts. Maybe that's how you would get out of here and figure out what is going on. What do you do first?
Investigate the hatch in front of you
Look at the couch to your left
Investigate the camera next to the hatch
Go up to the door behind you
Go up to the door on your right
Look at the grandfather clock by the couch
Investigate the strange castle model on a table