Union Battles AM

Mason G., Jacob A., & Anna F.

The Civil War started in 1861. The Confederates were fighting for slavery to be legal. The Union was fighting for freedom of all people. The President of the United States was currently Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was fighting for the rights of all.There are many battles in the Civil War. Some were bloody and caused a lot of losses. Some were long hard fought battles, while others were short and to the point. Some battles were won by the Confederate and some were won by the Union.You are a young soldier fighting for the Union army. You believe that slavery is wrong and want to help Lincoln unify the country. You will be involved in a fight of a long bloody battle. You are fighting in the Union because you believe you can do more to help civilization. You have the following choices:
Fight in the Battle of Antietam
Fight in Bull Run
Fight in Gettysburg