Knight's Ferry

Kara T.

There are a lot of good things to be said about college, and being a biology major in particular. Even in state schools. Filling all the class requirements? Not one of them.
Species diversity requirement? Really?
Your herpetology class has bussed the lot of you out to Knight's Ferry, a local park with an incongruous covered bridge that's also a place for general outdoorsiness, with some hills and a river and rocks and such. "Local" meaning, unfortunately, California's San Joaquin Valley. The land of meth, unemployment, and a million cows.
Your mission, should you choose to bother considering it's a measly ten points, is to spend a few hours wandering around looking for a minimum of four species of 'herps'—that grand exciting category consisting of frogs, lizards, snakes, and other things found on, near, or under rocks.
Since this is, after all, for a science class you've written down the weather in your notebook. It's a sunny 39º.
It just <i>doesn't</i> look impressive in Celsius, does it?
I hate these creatures.
I could be doing better things.