A. H. Skelley

"Thank you," I said to the grocer.
He nodded and began closing up his stall. I covered the fruits, vegetables and meat I bought with a cloth, turned towards home, and began to run.
I hoped I would get home to mother before sundown. The village was made <i>abestos</i> then. One didn't want to be caught when it was made <i>abestos.</i>
I finally reached my house and slammed the door behind me, chest heaving. I clutched the basket tightly in my hands, hoping nothing was battered in my race home. I made my way to the table and checked the basket. Good. Nothing was too bruised.
I put the food on the table and called, "Mum! I'm home!"
There was no answer.
I yelled again.
Freaked out, I ran to the door and called for my family out into the street.