The Crypt of Some Unholy Thing!

Glenn Hibburt (An Adaptation)

Recently (13/08/14 that is) I bought Pathfinder. Pathfinder is a role-playing board game. In the Beginner's Box one gets a Hero's Handbook. In the Hero's Handbook is a seven page Dice Rolling Interactive Solo Adventure entitled 'Skeleton King's Crypt.' This was written by Jason Bulman and Sean K. Reynolds as an example to folks untrained in the ways of role-playing, just the sort of thing they are about to get into. Now when I discovered Inkle<i>writer</i> (under a week later 17/08/14) I was eager to get started. I picked up this story and wanted to use it as testing ground to familiarise myself with Inkle<i>writer</i>. I must say I got <b><i>carried away</i></b>. The only thing that stayed different from the original were names, characters and the environment. My writing style is different, I added a whole new corridor to the quest and my choice boxes are humorous - well an atempt at humorous. Did I say I got carried away? While the original has 37 choices to make I've got probably over 100! I LOVE Inkle<i>writer</i> and I am super eager to get my own work written using this wonder system. <i>In fact I've got an idea right now, and I'm going to start drawing up a map for it now (that is 21/08/14).</i> ENJOY THE ADAPTATION. YAY!!