The Haunted House

Renad Mahmoud, Malak Ramadan, Mai Khaled

On a Halloween night, a group of friends go trick or treating when Helmer, an audacious boy who moved in a few months ago, encourages his company to advance and descry the secrets of the mysterious dwelling at the edge of the neighborhood. Although the residence appears prosaic and old, there seems to be activity in there. Wild flowers and trees’ leaves that thicken and stiffen as the pathway leads to the houses encircle the anterior yard. Fearfully, his friends reject his adventure and remark, “<i>No one appears to be living, yet we hear voices from time to time.</i>” Helmer disregards his friends and approaches the tedious domicile, nonetheless.
Through the pathway, Helmer hesitates and rethinks about proceeding through his adventure. He rings the bell once, but there isn't any answer. He rings the bell twice, but there isn't any answer, nevertheless. The door swings open creaking as he rings the third time. “<i>Is anyone in there?</i>” he interrogates with a resound of his query. Vague chattering fills the abode. Inquisitively, Helmer explores the chattering source as he goes up the creaking stairs. Approaching the origin, Helmer harks to the raucous chattering from the nearby chamber. He draws near a room with an empty thirteen chaired dining table and still hears the chattering within the room. Frightfully, he runs down the stairs to the door. Finding the door locked, he wonders how he was able to enter. A thin ray of light, which attracts his attention, reflects on a nearby mirror. Slowly, he advances the chamber of the light source and examines the hollow design of the cell with only one closet. The ray of light comes from the third section of the closet. Unlocking the third sector, he finds it sitting peacefully. It was a monkey’s paw that grabbed Helmer’s attention to unconsciously touch it. Consciously realizing that he was under control of the paw, Helmer withdraws his hand after a sense of a soft electric shock. Suddenly into his left ear, he hears soft hisses muttering, “<i>Do you want to know….</i>” and into his other ear, “<i>the story of the paw?</i>” The boy hesitantly whispers “<i>....</i>”