The last day of the year

Phil Halton

You lay uncomfortably on the floor of the ruined apartment. Your back aches. Your legs are stiff. You need to take a piss. You shift your toes in your boots, but allow yourself no other comfort. Your eyes scan the ruined landscape for your target. Smashed buildings, tumbled rubble, a light dusting of snow - but no movement.
Beside you lies your partner, Petro. Petro is tall and skinny, and continually hungry. He doesn't have your patience or discipline. As if to prove it, he moves around noisily, his thumb flipping his kalashnikov's safety off and on absentmindedly.
"Danylo, this is a miserable place to spend New Year's eve. We should be back home. I know this girl who would be perfect for you..."
You steadfastly ignore him.