Thief in the Night

Miranda Hughes

Imagine, gentle reader, that you are in a time that included castles, kings, maybe even a little bit of magic. You had grown up here, but you leave your history behind you. You're not going that way when treasure is ahead.
That's right, your skills have been developed by greed, whether it be yours or someone else's. You learned how to steal from a guild of thieves, and now you are near the top. You are not sent for a cut of gold, you're far too good for that. You are sent because you are never caught, and never leave a trail of blood. You are hired exclusively. And tonight is no different.
You have been hired by an unknown benefactor to steal the Jewel of Uthax. It is hidden in the castle of Uthax, and you have been tasked with infiltrating and collecting the gem. You are standing outside of its walls now in a dark, rainy night with two things- your lockpicking tools and a magical dagger. What makes it magical is that, when you utter a command word, you will be teleported to where the dagger is.
Your immediate goal is to get over the walls. The gate is closed and has two guards in front of it. How do you approach?
Climb the wall.
Convince the guards to let you pass.