the life of chocy wocy 

Lucas brooks

chapter one Once upon a time in a world not far away there is banarnia there is three lands where our story takes part candy land, fruity duty and veggie labyrinth. So remember these and our story begins on the 5th of choctober 2007 a young boy named chocy wocy was born to king boiley and queen candy whilst in the veggie labyrinth a young broccoli goblin called carrot stick is being born to two veggie peasants these two baby's will be rivals one day very soon ...
<i> <b>chapter 2</b> </i> As the years went by young chocy wocy developed a new gift when ever he wanted he could turn his enemies to chocolate statues and this gift killed his mother.By the time he was 10 he had learnt to control his power without hurt.while in the veggie labyrinth carrot had developed a gift to he could turn any one in to a veggie citizen.On chocy's 11th birthday chocy got the c phone (stands for calling phone) But this was useless because he didn't have any friends so he asked his father if he could go school his father agreed with him but he said chocy must complete 3 deadly challenges 1 slay the dragon tetragon 2 bring me water from the magic well and number 3 bring your mother back to life Now go chocy.One day when chocy was walking through fruity duty a gang of thugs kidnapped him and knocked him out the leader of the thugs was carrot sticks he told chocy wocy about his pain full childhood. Chocy felt sorry for the leader so he asked nicely what he wanted he said "I want to veggie you" chocy was unleashed he turned every one except carrot stick to a chocolate statue and then escaped.
chapter 3