High School AU


<i><b>CHAPTER 1</b></i>
<i>'First days are always the worst days.'</i>
Snake kept repeating this in his head as he walked into the huge building. It was his first day at his new school, Crafter's Academy (When Mining Just Isn't Enough!)
His last school... Well... Let's just say it didn't work out. Stuff happened, things were said. The usual. At least, that's what Snake was going to tell anybody who asked. The truth's a bit too... Revealing.
I mean, how is he supposed to tell people he left his old school because they found out he was gay and the place was filled with homophobes? The exact same thing could happen here and he wasn't going to risk it.
He walked into the school reception area and seeing that there was no one behind the wooden desk he took a seat and waited for the receptionist. After about five minutes the receptionist arrived and gave him his timetable and a map of the school. He thanked her and started to make his way to his first class, English.
<i>Alright, so just round this corner should be my classroom...</i>
Snake stopped dead in his tracks. Standing between him and his classroom were a bunch of boys dressed in hoodies, each various shades of green. They were surrounding something, something blue, trapping it between them.
"Look at him squirm," one of them said.
Help the person in blue
Continue looking for the classroom