Sleuth Stranded!

Ultimate-Clash & Perils of Dawn

"How did I get here?" You think to yourself as you lay down in your lifeboat, your uniform and pantyhose soaked, your feet bare, and your stomach growling, the cargo ship you'd escaped from hasn't been visible for days, and neither has any trace of dry land either.
And neither has any food. Or drinkable water for that matter.
Your head hurts, thinking of how stupidly this whole affair began, investigating Mr Feldmeyer's suspicious behavior, sneaking into his private castle, getting caught due to having slipped your shoes off, your pantyhose not getting along with the smooth marble floor.
"My feet" You mutter to yourself, looking down at them "I got into this mess because of my feet!" You add, realizing how absurdly things escalated from there....
Because of that one mistake, you'd been abducted, sent to a cargo ship going god knows where, having theories of what they were planning to do with you, but never finding anything concrete, too busy fleeing in the midst of a terrifying storm, wet, cold, barely escaping recapture.
But now as it stands, your current predicament isn't much of a step up...