Choose Your Own Hypoglycemia Adventure: Post-op Patient

Bonnie Hill

Ms. Nguyen was transferred to the floor from the PACU two hours ago. She has insulin-controlled Type 2 diabetes and has not had anything to eat since her surgery, but has IV fluids running. Her nurse asks you to assess her because she seems excessively sleepy and her breathing is shallow. When you enter the room, the patient wakes to her name, but is unresponsive to your questions. You check her blood sugar and it is 53mg/dl. What is your next step?
A. Repeat the POC glucose with a new sample.
B. Administer 12.5g (25 ml or 1/2 syringe) of a 50ml D50W IV by slow IV push.
C. Administer 15g liquid glucose gel in oral mucosa.