Emily Loebach

It has been a long day of work and you are exhausted. A big order was put in today and, being the Order Process Representative at a big office supply company, you had to take on most of the heavy work. You ate some dinner, put on your pajamas, and then started getting ready for bed. You turned on the TV for background noise as you brush your teeth and you can hear a newscaster going on about a robbery at a gas station. After you brush, you use mouthwash and any other nightly routines you do before bed. You go to grab the remote to turn off the TV when the newscaster changes stories. They start talking about some virus going around. Great, probably another swine-flu, or worse, Ebola. The newscaster goes on to talk about how it is not clear where the virus came from, but the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta is working on figuring out a vaccine for it. The newscaster also goes on to talk about how signs of the virus have shown up all over America. The newscaster mentions how five of the infected are in Georgia and have been brought to Emory hospital, which is only thirty minutes from you, for care and treatment. The newscaster continues to go on about the virus, starting to talk about the symptoms and what to do if anyone thinks they might have it. You
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Turn the TV off and go to bed, you’re tired