The Good, The Bad, and The Abused

No one Important

"Scientists are baffled by the influx of superhuman abilities that children and teenagers are gaining. At the Cordial Post, we believe it has something to do with the recent nuclear power plant meltdown, but that is just our opinion. With all of these powers, how will our police force handle the situation?
We have had multiple meetings with scientists investigating the superhumans. They have come to the conclusion that several of the superhumans have Elemental powers, or the ability to control water, earth, fire, air, or any variations. There are also Element powers refered to as Periodical powers, these have been defined as the ability to manipulate the elements on the periodic table. <i>(More on page 5.)</i>" The Cordial, March 6th
<i>You need to choose now. What do you control?</i>