The Carnival

A Health Kit

The nippy autumn air ruffled the polar-white wolf's soft white fur as he followed his friends towards the nearby fairgrounds.
"I should've used the bathroom before we left.." Kai's human friend whined. Blitz; Kai's eccentric otter friend, chipped in his own two cents. "Well, it's not like you didn't have the chance. We had to wait for Kai to get dressed for like, what, 20 minutes?"
Kai wrapped himself tighter in his grey jacket, hurrying to keep up with his friends. "Come on, It wasn't that bad. And it's fine, Brink. It's not like the faire isn't going to have a porto-potty somewhere. We'll just wait for you when we get inside."
Blitz checked his phone; the soft blue light illuminating his dark black fur and bright red orange hair. "Well, I don't know if I will stay with you when we get inside. Marty wants to hang out with us; he says he's inside right now."
Kai's ears raised. "Really? I'm surprised he came. I never thought he was into transformation.."
"Uhhh.. I don't think he is." Brink muttered. "There is no way everyone here is a fetishist.."
"What do you mean? The signs all say this is a transformation carnival, it has to be obvious.." Kai pondered aloud. The dark-furred otter chuckled to himself. "I think you're both nuts, there's no way transformation can be real. It's just a fantasy kink."
Brink arched his eyebrow at the fiery-haired friend. "You'd think. Remember those photos I sent you a few weeks ago?"
Blitz blinked, trying to think back as he dodged a rock on the path. "Not really, I- whoa.. That's a huge line." He stuttered, realizing they had reached the entrance. A huge lineup of various other furs and humans stood before them, all impatiently checking their watches, or staring at their phones.
"Whoa is right.." Kai muttered. "You really don't think most of these people.. you know, know?" The wolf questioned Brink. The small-framed human shrugged. "It's hard to tell.. Maybe we're interpreting the name of the faire wrong? It did say it was a 'Transformative experience you'll never forget' on the brochure.. And a lot of the explanations on the games seemed to include changes. I don't honestly know, maybe it was a joke brochure?"
Blitz shrugged. "Whatever, as long as it's fun I guess it's okay to me. Besides, only $11.25 an entry ticket? This is pretty much a steal." Kai nodded in agreement as the line sauntered forward. Brink grunted, holding his stomach. "If I don't get to a bathroom soon, I think I'm going to shit myself.."
Blitz snorted. "Yeah, yeah. Like the big pig you are. Just keep it together, I don't want to ride home with you if you stink like crap."
Kai chuckled. "I'll remember that next time you come into my car smelling like the newest odor from Axe."
"NEXT!" The ticketmaster yelled in ear-shot. The trio hastened forward, much to the pleasure of the stream of new guests behind them. Brink and Blitz stepped through first, quickly passing through and into the park. Kai passed the money to the ticket mastert, nodding before walking away with his pass..
Kai, Blitz, Brink: Head to the washrooms as a group.
Brink: Be a big boy now.