The Moon of Silver Oaks


You walk slowly through the forest, previously you had been hired by a magazine company to go and take photos of a current archeological site deep in the dark country-side of some obscure European country. Hey it sounded like a great idea at the time: get on a plane to Paris, then take a series of taxis and trains across scenic Europe before taking a few pictures and asking the researchers at the site a few questions. Now though, you're having second thoughts about this. A few minutes before the taxi had dropped you off near an abandoned cobblestone road in the wilderness and the driver told you to take a fifteen-minute walk straight along the path until you came across the expedition site. As storm clouds fill the sky above you recall what it was exactly it was that was so important about these ruins. Supposedly they are the remains of a great castle once owned by a Medieval warlord who ruled the land with an iron-fist. Some old folktales say that he soon made a deal with a witch for eternal youth at the price of the life-energy of many of the poor villagers, while other folktales claim that he drank blood to sustain his own thirst. Being legend or not, he ultimately was slain by his jealous nephews who buried him alive in a casket and filled it with molten gold. As you begin to bemuse why his nephews decided to waste perfectly good gold, the forest begins to thin out and before you is a long stretch of barren rock and mountainside leading to the impressive ruins that dominate the landscape. As you walk slowly along the path you wonder why no vegitation grows here, you blame it on poor soil conditions most likely. Suddenly you come upon the expedition camp near the base of the great ruins, to your shock you find the camp completely empty of people. Strangely none of the equipment or supplies are missing, meaning that they simply did not leave the site. Perhaps they're busy trying to dig up artifacts up inside the gothic-like ruins looming over the entire camp like a mountain of cruelty. Suddenly lighting cracks the sky and rain begins pouring down from the sky violently, you have to get out of the rain and seek shelter fast. What do you do?
Go back into the woods
Seek shelter in the castle-ruins
Go into one of the tents