Choose-Your-Own-Adventure: The Holocaust

Esmeralda & Alondra

The Story Begins: Tonight you were ordered to seek out Jews who might be in hiding, but you know that you will help them escape, and you make your way through the streets in search for them. You walk through the deserted streets where many Jews used to live hoping to find your Jewish wife, Eliana, and 12 year old son, Gavriel who have been missing since the Holocaust began. As you approach a curve you see a barbarian looking officer yelling at a small, helpless child for stealing food. You come into conflict between yourself, wondering if you should help out the defenseless child and risk the possibility of getting in trouble or not take any chances and look for your beloved family, that actually mean a lot to you.  Knowing your morals you don’t dismiss the conflict immediately and stop and think about what your options are and you don’t have much time so you have to decide promptly about what to do. You realize that an innocent child’s life is at risk and don’t think about it any longer and…
Stand up to the officer and protect the kid.
Mind your own business and walk away hoping to find your family.