The Run Away

April and Jacob

Last year in the middle of May my friend Brady and I were driving in an orange Roadrunner with nice black stripes down the hood and a roadrunner ornament on the top of the hood. Brady was driving west on Old Owls Road heading to Ludlow Road. Brady had the music as loud as it could go.
I yelled, “Turn that down this is not a party house!”
“No one is around to hear this loud music,’’ said Brady.
“I’m someone to hear it aren’t I,” I said.
“If you don’t like loud music get out,’’ said Brady.
“At least turn it to a different station,” Tony said in a mad way.
"Fine what other music do you like?” he asked.
“Anything but this,” Tony said, “hey look at that.”“What are we looking at?’’
Brady said.“The police man sitting there,”
Tony said.“Let’s speed right by him,”
Brady said anxiously. “Ok, let’s go,”
Tony said, wanting to go.We sped off as fast as we could go. We hit 70 miles per hour when we met the cop.
“Hey, we hit 80 miles per hour,” said Brady.
Tony said excitedly, “Let’s try to outrun him.”
“Ok,” said Brady.
So off we went, turning sharp, until all of a sudden there was a cop in front of us blocking the road. We were both scared. We did not know what to do.
Tony asked worriedly “What are we going to do?”
“We are going to take a detour through the field,” said Brady not sure if it would work.
“Are you sure we will make it through the fence and back on the road?” asked Tony, worried more and more not sure it would work.
“In this car, this can take anything,” said Brady eagerly.
Brady went anxiously full speed without a glimpse.  The rough, bumpy ground was unforgiving, and our car flew under the fence.
 My head hit the ceiling of the car.  “Ouch, Brady! Don’t drive so rough.”
“I can’t help it, that was a big rock!”
Through the fence and field we drove until he thought we were in the clear.  Then we found a run down the fence and went through it.
“See I told you we will make it,” said Brady with a smirk on his face.
“Ok, ok, yah you were right, but still I know you were not sure of it,” Tony said excitedly.
“Maybe I was and maybe I wasn’t, you will never know,” said Brady.
“Where are we going to go now?” Tony asked.
“I’m going to try and get back on the road,” Brady said scared.
Up here take a right buy this pig farm and go two blocks and take a right, that will get us back to where we were at,” Tony said off the top of my head.
“Should I trust you,” said Brady questionably.
“Yah, I remember these roads,” Tony said.
Brady heard a sound from under the car.
“I think that there is something stuck under our car,” Brady said.
“Well what is it?.”
“Let’s stop and see.”
We stopped and looked and it was the fence. We tried to get it off. In 20 minutes we got it off and headed on the road again. He followed my directions and we were back on the same road. We were just driving, then all of a sudden ten cops and a helicopter were all around us. Brady hit the gas as hard as he could, but we couldn’t make it. They caught us with the help of their spike strips. We tried to run on foot, but we did not get that far.
The cops said, “You are going to a get a big big ticket for driving crazy.”
“Well I was not driving,” Tony said to the cop.
“Well you were in the car,” said the cop.
“You just said crazy driving,” Tony said smart again. “You were part of the chase. You both are getting a fine of $5,000,  community service, and fixing the fence and fields,” the cop said with an angry face.
So they took us to our houses in Lansing three miles away and told our parents. The next day our parents woke us up to do our community service, while we were there they paid the fine. After our community service we had to get a job to pay our parents and for the fence we took down at the farmhouse. We learned not to do that again, it was one hard summer without fun.
“We sure learned our lesson Brady,” said Tony tiredly.
“Yes I did, from now on I am going to drive under the speed limit,” said Brady.
“Just drive by the rules,”  Tony said.
“Ok I will,” Brady said.
“ Would you like to go for a drive across the country,” Brady said.
“Sure, let’s go,” Tony said.
So off they went, down the country road, into the Sunday sunset, learning their lesson not to speed again in their lifetime.