Hamlet and Claudius: A Tragedy

Caroline, Sam, & Jonah

It has already been two months since your father died. You of course are still sad and still mourning.  But really, that’s not the worst part.  The problem is that your uncle, your father’s brother, has married your mother.  Now not only do you have a step-parent, but it’s almost incest, and it’s all because your stepfather wanted to be king.  It makes you sick to think about. Today, Claudius has called a meeting.  You almost skipped it just to spite him, but you came because you have a question to ask afterwards. As you sit in the audience you look around, noticing your mother beside Claudius, and the lords and ladies behind you. Behind them are all the people who work for your mother and stepfather.  You squirm and nearly zone out as Claudius begins to speak, not wanting to hear what he will say.
You feel your attention slipping. You have had a hard time concentrating since your father died. Ugh, you just hate Claudius so much.  You never liked him much as an uncle, and now his fate is sealed.  You notice that the lords and ladies are filing out, leaving you alone to ask your mother a question.  You are about to dive in when you realize that Laertes, a servant to your step- father is also still there and you watch as the king grants him the right to leave Elsinore to continue his education.You also have the same query, and decide to ask outright.
You are about to begin daydreaming when you hear your stepfather thank the audience for their patience and good blessings with regards to his recent marriage to Gertrude, your mother.  Then he moves on to military conversation.  This jerks you out of your reverie and you almost jump up in anger - how can he combine the two so seamlessly into a business conversation. Instead you wait until everyone else leaves before shouting at the king.