The Lost Kingdom


Upon a cliff, at the center of your homeland, you stand alone overlooking a valley of white lilies burning below. It is crisp, the smell, the decay, with the faintest hint of a massacre being carried by the {~breeze|air|wind}.
Underneath a shaft of pale moonlight, that {~halos|fans} out around you as far as the eye can see, you stand before the body of a dying man. The shadow of a once magnificent castle {~looms|lurks} over you, as you kneel beside his death bed of weeds and the stained buds of May.
He coughs up blood, thick and blackish in color. It is unnatural, you note, even more so than the scenery surrounding you. Horns as white as snow, and as brittle as old bones, lie broken on either side of his {~head|skull}. A crown that once glittered {~adorns|lies upon} his chest, cut open by the very same blade you wield in your left hand.
His face is serene, the deathblow you dealt him seemingly nothing compared to the peace that has followed.
In his arms is a book bound in human flesh, loosely held together, with blood {~scattered|splattered} on its fraying edges. It seems as if the ancient tomb is {~taunting|jeering} at you... Your vision growing fainter and fainter still, your blood boiling for reasons yet known.
I am the voice that pierces the dark heavens, hear my voice; I've guided you <i>home </i>with tireless effort, now obey my command. <i>You</i> are a knight, a champion among mortal men, who has fought in {~distant|foreign} lands for many a year. Now your sovereign right is to take from <b>them </b>what is and has always been <i>yours</i>. Seize your destiny by whatever means possible...
Your body {~quakes|shakes} as you can't help by stare. In his arms could be the key to unlocking immortalitly, what you have journeyed so long and hard for, and now is within your grasp. But, this man seems to bother you more than he should ever have...
<b><i>Something</i></b> is having an adverse affect on you, keeping you from your fate. It would be wise to discover which one it is. Yet, I can sense<i> fear</i> holding you back...
Examine the Man?
Examine the Book?