Tracked Chapter 2!


<b>Before you read this chapter, make sure you read Tracked chapter 1, just so you understand everything! :)<i> </i></b><i>This has a unique stats controller. Basically, you start off with 0 romance, 0 popularity, and 0 humanity. You get more of these as you progress! You can play <b>with </b>the points if you wish, but you would need to use a paper and pencil or a sticky note to keep track! :) Stats will be at the end of each chapter! </i>
"Move!" Yelled Hunter as he pushed you out of the way, just as the man unsuspectingly shot the trigger. You fell to the floor with a thump and began to feel your head bouncing out of your head as your vision blurred for a split second. Hunter pushed you hard, and it really hurt. Your ears were on the brink of ringing. You couldn't even see what was happening for a split second, and all you could think was that Hunter pushing you like that was...
Totally rude!