Trapped in a Painting

Emma Taylor

That’s a nice painting, Connor Robinson thought to himself as he stared deep into the portrait. It was a beautiful medieval painting. I wonder what it would have been like to travel endlessly like that, he marveled. Suddenly the painting began to come alive. Literally. Connor turned around to try to find the security guard. He wasn’t there. Connor was alone. The next thing he knew, he was crashing onto the cobblestone pathway. As he recovered and looked around, he found himself in the exact scenery depicted in the painting. A dragon flew over the top of the mountains. The castle was directly ahead of him, beautifully made of stone. A forest was behind him, dark and ghostly. Connor headed towards a nearby sign. It pointed in the directions of Dragonspire Keep and Dark Moon Forest. A signs just outside the forest said “Beware!” just as Connor was about to go to the Keep, he heard screams coming from the forest. Someone was in trouble he had to save them. 
Leave Them and Go to Keep
Save Them