Some Of My Story


When I was a young girl my Mom and I didn't get alone much. My Dad had pasted away when i was just a small child. I Had a lot of problems dealing with his death although i was never really close to him, He was still my Father. As my years passed on I got to a point in life that i just wanted somebody to notice me and see me and know i'm real. I got into a relationship with a very abusive guy, he didn't hit me but he abused my thoughts of myself made me feel as if I needed him if I didn't have him i didn't have anybody well i let him stay in my life until he got arrested and taken to jail. It wasn't long after that i had got caught up in cutting myself and ended up getting sent someplace for help when I was caught cutting they counted 48 cuts on both arms... Sounds kinda scary now that i think about it. After 45 days i was sent home and back with my Mom ,Sister, and Brother for awhile everything was perfect I was happy to be home and they were happy i was home. Months passed by everything still good until I went back to school and joined a new group of friends I started to like a guy I had been hanging out with him a lot in school and some times out of school on the weekends or days we just decided not to go. Well, we decided it would be best just to stay friends so nothing would come between us mainly because we had became best friends. Well, one day we decided to go hang out at the park and skip out on school so we did. It was that day i feel in love with a monster called Nero. It a pill given for nerve damage. I was never really into smoking pot or anything like drugs until that day came and he talked me into taking that first pill. Little did i know it wasn't his first ride.. Days passed and i hadn't touched another pill but i wanted too because that pill gave me the best day and best sleep of my life. I could finally sleep without having to cry because i felt alone in a house full of people. I wasn't alone but in my mind I was so lost alone and scared. needless to say not long after that day I became a lover of the pill and sadly it wasn't my only pill or drug. I feel in love with getting high. I became something I never wanted to be I was a drug head and I didn't care who new it. I loved snorting my pills and being high i started doing drugs everyday of my life i'd wake up go to the bathroom snort me a pill before I would even be awake enough to know what pill I was crushing. I struggled with my addiction for almost too years before I was arrested at school for having drugs on school grounds. I was then sent to highlands detention center for awhile then Harvest Child Care which helped me through out my year i was there i'm beyond thankful to be clean and happy today because of them I am drug free.