Friend Or Foe - In The Woods 

Jessica Lauren Richardson 

Anthony, Felix and Daniel had spent their day at the Games convention, as the convention centre closed it's doors for the night. The three walked home together. The sun was setting over the horizon and the chill of the night to come could be felt in the air. They chatted together about their day at the convention, games that they were looking forwards to, things they'd had the chance to try out. After a while Danny looked to Anthony as he said “Erm…Anthony wanna meet up tonight?”
Anthony was surprised, ever since his accidental slip up Danny had avoided him, more or less. This could be his chance to apologise properly "Sure, but... We've been at the con all day, give me time to get cleaned up?" 
Anthony was unsure, Danny had made it clear that he didn't trust him. So why would he want to meet up? "Hmm... I don't know... My flight leaves tomorrow so I should really spend tonight packing."