A Macro to Die By

Tyler Heasley

It's the holidays, and it's getting late. You're the last one in the office for the day. Most cubicles around you are dimly lit by the glow emanating from the light above you. Your coworkers have long since gone home. A demanding work project keeps you tied to your desk, and the preparations you need to do for a holiday family gathering remain undone.
As the screen in front of you shines ever bright, you feel your energy ever wane, and you long for the comfort and relaxation of a bed at home. To your mind come images of eating a midnight snack of snowman-shaped cookies and eventually pulling back the covers of your bed and slipping away into a dream. You can almost hear the sweet hum of nature as your dream leads you to the edge of a beautiful brook, blue sky overhead and gentle water flowing over and under your feet.
The brook vanishes and you startle out of half-sleep as you suddenly hear a member of your team. "We're going to need this by morning. The deadline was last week." Though alone, you look around to make sure no one is actually talking. "Okay, okay. I can do this," you think as you roll your shoulders back and open your eyes wider.
The recent transition to this new team has left you exhausted. You stare at your monitor for the hundredth time. The data is a blur to you. Perhaps there is something you missed in all this mess? As you remember what you were last analyzing, you wonder if there are any tabs you missed in the workbook on your other screen. You move your mouse over to double-check for any hidden sheets.
...What's this? A tab you haven't seen before. "<b>Certain Doom</b>," you read aloud. Without hesitation, you unhide the tab. "This should be fun."
Before you appear two macro buttons, one light and the other dark.
"Press this button (Don't press the other one)"
Ignore the macros.