Hansel and Gretel 2.0

Bronwyn Monty

Once upon a time Hansel and Gretel got trapped in a witch's candy cottage. They managed to escape the witch's fearsome grip, but were now facing a new fear: how to get home? Before leaving the candy cottage, they had managed to swiftly snatch the magical map sealed within the envelope.
They sat in the dark forest, shivering under a weeping willow tree, they looked at the envelope. They tried to open the envelope, but it was impossible! No matter how hard they tried, it simply would not open. Just as they were about to give up, Gretel realized there was a small note on the front: "To gain access to the map soon, use the enchanted light of the moon!" Hansel suggested they put the envelope on the grass, in the direct light of the moon. Immediately, shimmering letters appeared on the envelope: "Correctly subtract V1 from V2, and you will soon receive your very first clue!" (Vector subtraction) Luckily, Gretel was quite the vector vixen! She quickly did the math and the envelope magically opened up.
Inside the envelope was a single sheet of paper, tied with a red ribbon. "The map!" They cried excitedly. They tried to take of the ribbon, but it refused to budge. The slid it to the right, and then to the left, but nothing happened. Hansel looked carefully at the ribbon and noticed that there was tiny golden letters on it which read, "To open this here map, you must do precisely this: Pull one end of the ribbon to the north and the other to the east. Do it together all at once, or you will get nothing in the least!" (Orthogonal) Together, they counted to three and pulled on the ribbon's ends simultaneously--Gretel to the north and Hansel to the east, and it magically slipped of the map with ease. "Hooray!" They cheered. "Now we can find our way to the Peaceful Point!
They open up the map, and see the all the magical forest drawn in front of them. They are not sure what to do, when a clue begins to appear on the map: Look on this map and head toward the parallel vectors. You are asked to help them decide what to do.
They walk towards the rivers
They walk towards the birds