Polluted Earth


Admiral Maxtis
"Welcome cadets! As you may or may not be aware, you are seated in the auditorium of the New Civilization Navy Drone Carrier Genesis. Our current mission is to maintain a stable orbit above Earth while sending down 1 remotely piloted drone squad at a time to survey Earth's current condition and construct various systems that will progressively convert Earth back to a habitable state. You are the privileged few that were selected to participate in the first terraforming and habitability mission on the original home of mankind. I'm speaking of course, of the planet Earth. In the year 2050, the earth was overcome by pollution of various types after the population exceeded what earth was able to support. A fleet of self-sustaining drones piloted by human pilots (including you) on an orbiting mother ship have been sent down to Earth's surface to find and construct systems capable of making Earth habitable again. You are selected to have the honor of piloting the first drone to see Earth's surface since Earth was evacuated.
Sneak out of the Auditorium
Listen Intently