A Family's Honor

Drew McGee

<b>Narrator</b>: Atop the mountain - near a statue of a warrior - sits Silmer, the son of your companion, Abrey. She gasps at the sight; Silmer is dressed in all the fineries of an officer, but has a drawn, sunken look. His eyes are closed and he rants incoherently.
<b>Narrator:</b> As you approach, a rather muscular dwarf steps away from the statue and levels a blade at you with keen proficiency.
<b>Gwena:</b> Bad time t’summit the Peak o’Kings, friends. Back the way ye came while you’ve still legs t’carry ye.
<b>Abrey</b>: God's Fury, Gwena! Is this what you call looking out for my son?
<b>Gwena</b>: Yer son...Queen Abrey? But you're...how're ye even here?
<b>Narrator</b>: Silmer’s eyes open wide at his mother’s name and his ranting pauses. When he looks at Abrey, he clenches his jaw.
*Ask Gwena to join you in giving Abrey and Silmer a moment alone.*
*Say you expected a betraying, disgraced son to look...healthier.*
*Tell Gwena to lower her sword if she doesn’t want it turned against her.*