Spirit Logic

Tim Wilhelm

Vestral instinctively knew he was unlike other children from an early age. He did not care for baubles, or trinkets, wooden soldiers, special holidays, or even crème filled cakes. All of those things were the illusory trappings of the weak minded fools he despised. He instead had grown to prefer the company of the Librarians hidden high within their codex towers.
Yes, the Librarians “They, who speak solely in the encrypted language, always clothed in pristine white robes adorned with the timeworn symbols of old.
Few who are invited inside the towers have the chance to leave (all who go unwillingly are never heard from again), so when Vestral received an <b>invitation to train</b> as an attendant his family was deeply saddened by the news. It was immediately understood they would likely never see him again. Vestral however, was more excited by the mystery of the codex towers than in fear of them. Besides no family had ever defied the authority by declining an invitation.
Accept invitation
Refuse invitation