A Second Chance

 Cole & Evan

It was a cold, and stormy night in the suburban Carbon Creek, the year of 2017. From his window, young Adam Westwood could nearly make up the fine lines of the swinging branches of a nearby tree, covered in the glimpse of darkness. It was rather late for his normal bedtime, he supposed, according to his parents. It would be best if he headed to bed for the night. For Adam, trying to sleep was rather troubling. On most days, it would take him nearly an hour to finally languish into his bedding. But tonight was unlike any other he had ever experienced. At exactly 11:53, Adam, still restless, had suddenly noticed a tense of cold air. Through the window he supposed? It was closed, he noticed after glimpsing at the glass frame. What he experienced next was inexplicable, to him, or anyone. Suddenly filling a side of his room was a continuous circular shape of sparks and extreme waves of heat. Adam suddenly turned pale, unable to speak, and faintly inhaling specks of air, his mouth wide open.
Then a face appeared and began talking in a hushed voice. Adam, now extremely tense, was screaming his voice getting raw. He was surprised it did not affect his parents deep slumber. A strange silhouette of a face began talking to him “My name is Gizmo Macintosh, and this is a message from the future, specifically the summer of the year 2062. I have decided to choose and represent your imagination and knowledge, into making your community more sustainable environment in the close future. From my time, specifically 2062, your apparent sustainable community corrupts into poverty, human rights are completely discarded, and diseases run rampant across the land. It is your job to prevent this tragedy from occurring, and save the future.”
When he wakes up he can either:
Ignore The Transmission
Take Action