The Viscountess

By Sandy Kempe

xx23 Friday, 8:57 PM
The Kingdom of Salvin Imperial Ballroom
You stifle a yawn from your position plopped in a small, but cushioned chair set against the far wall facing the dance floor. It has been where you’ve sat for something like an hour and a half, and this doesn’t honestly surprise you.
Your name is Eden Kaelin you’ve just turned seventeen years old and this was supposedly your premier on the social scene. Your father was Brendon Kaelin, Viscount of Kaelin, but he recently passed away, and with no son to take name, you officially have the title, but because of bad business decisions and some bad luck the title has very little meaning to it, and almost no value say for the estate.
That is one reason why you have been warming the chair you occupy while so many others get at least one offer to dance. The other is very simple, you aren’t considered the height of attraction. Your plain features don’t have the normal sharpness of nobility, you have an even tan on your skin from your habits to stay out in the sun either to look at the gardens, or to swim in the estates lake. Even with a corset and bodice it takes several layers of clothing to make your figure much different than that of a boy, and you stand a full head taller than a lot of the girls when they are standing, and to the boys when you are.
As a whole it doesn't seem like you are going to see much in ways of potential dance partners. You consider your options, and you decide you can either wait until someone will notice you or you can grab some food what do you do?
Stay in your seat and wait to be asked to dance
Go grab some food.