finally relized


once there was a girl that dident want her past in elementary to go to middle school with her and on the first day of her Jr. high she went to her homeroom and found her friend julia and sat next to her and then found out they had the same 1 pirod and went together and when they got to 1 piriod they sat next to each other and on the seccond day of school her friend julia had transferd out of the class and the girl was left by herself and that day the teacher had asined a seating chart and had the girl sit next to a boy the boys name was daren and that first day the teacher told everyone to go to the front of the class room and say one thing about them selves and when it was time for the girl she went up and said "i like scatbording " and sat down and then sat down and when she sat down the daren said to her "that cool are tho scting shoes" and at that moment she dident know how it was to fall in love and smailed at him and they talked and she dident know at first how much she would end up loving him in the futer and so she pretend to ignor her feeling and moved on and eventual she ment a fraind wendy and wendy ment a boy named eliga and they went out and the girl had become really clos to one of eliga fraind and liked him and then one day the girl got mad at how eliga treted wendy and her frainds and slaped him on the face and he got so mad and the next day told the whole magnet and regular 6th grade that the girl liked him and she felt like crying but couldent look weak in front of people so she put a strong face and said nothing to eliga and was wating for the bell to ring for after school and ran to the shower and cried becaes she can never reli on her sisters or parent and even her own fraind dident help her they made it wors and then on day daren dident realiz it but he mad her lagh alot and that helped take her mind of of what happend and he stared to notice somthing weird like happy but relaxed when she looked at darens face and alwas smialed when she saw him and then serched out videos of why she felt that way when she was around him and she got even happyer when she found out he likes skrillex and dubstep to and when she was in 6th grade what does the fox say came out and he would always say that and the girl laughed every time and then a year later the girl and daren were in 7 th grade now and they dident have any classes together and so she dident really pay attention and then so she was having a fun 7th grade and half way thour the year he would come up to her and joke around and grabed her phone and run but she cought him and he would give it back and when she was geting her phone she would kinda jump on him and then she realized that she is completely in love with him and then everyday she noticed hime when he got out of pe ad always smiled he might have forgotten her but the girl remember everything and she she basically admired him from afar and another year had pasted daren and the girl were in the 8 th grade the finally year that they will be together and then halfway of the year of 8th she finally told her friends that she likes daren but dident tell them how long she has liked hime for and so everytime daren passed by they would make jokes and then one day the girls friend jacoelyn and jessenia went up to him and jocolyn aready new daren and he dident remember her instead he said "i dont talk to sluts" and when they told the girl what he told them she couldn't believe it and so she dident think anything she just thought ti no biggi and ignored it and then she was friends with this boy named loius and later found out that loius is one of daren friend and then he would tell the girl that daren said to fuck off and the girl asked her self does he not remember me and then she realized that she wont give up and on valentines day she was ganna tell him after school because the have a week of break after that day and later loius said he left erly and she was so sad and was and then week passed and it was the day of the school carnival and the girl had gotten a ticket and was very sick that day and was planning on going home but after school but then saw the green wrist band on daren and stayed and then she met up with friends alot of her friends that were boy dident know that she liked daren and they were fraind with him and the called him over and they told him alot of stuff and the girl asked what they told daren and they dident say anything so she tried to find out her self and 2 weeks later befor an exam she finaly got one of her fraind danail to tell her and he told her that loius told me not to tell ou but dont tell him i toled you that loius said "thos girl over there are staking you" daren "i know they dont have a chance with me " after he told her that she couldent focus at all at her exam and felt like crying but dident and that day she realized that she cant tell her fraind jessenia cuz jessenia told her i dont want to be involved in the girls stuff and so she was lonly and had no one to talk about it with and cried and ........
more coming soon